Artist's Statement

“I bet you love scary movies.”

I was answering questions for a couple of visitors at an exhibition of my work, when one of them made that comment. I thought for a moment and replied, “No, not really. But I feel compelled to watch them.” She nodded in understanding. Many stories do not have a happy ending. Other stories do not end at all. I’m glad she understood.

Another comment I hear frequently goes more or less like this: “I love your work, but I don’t think I could live with it.” My response is always the same: “That’s exactly why you should live with it.” I’ve visited the homes of several people who own my work and have had the opportunity to see how they live with it. One collector had a piece hanging in his breakfast nook, near the back door. I asked him, “Why there?” He replied that it was what he wanted to look at in the morning before starting his day. Many puzzles take a long time to solve. Other puzzles have no solution. I’m glad he understood.