Artist's Statement

A rusting girder covered with several layers of chipped paint. 

A warped and rotted floorboard, broken free from each new nail. 

A crumbling brick surrounded by failing mortar. 

 I’m attracted to these kinds of objects. I often reference their surfaces in my work. And even though some of them are truly beautiful, my attraction isn’t purely aesthetic. Instead they remind me of how all things, despite attempts to the contrary, fade and decay. Nothing is immune. It could be something as solid as a building, as fragile as a life or as nebulous as an idea. My work is invested with this sense of fading, even when I’m working with a human face or figure. The painted skin is as chipped and scabbed as any weathered door. A crowd of people becomes a chaotic parade where all the actors have their own routes and their own destinations.And as absurd as it may sound, I don’t find this negative or ‘dark’. It’s a release. One that is more comic than tragic.