Masks and Other Stories

I've recently published a short catalog as a Blurb book, which you can preview and purchase here. Below is the introduction written by curator Chuck Gneich.
Hope you enjoy it:

Inspired by the macabre, James Deeb continues to interpret the decay of the world, utilizing subhuman figures as content. These awkward characters are a dichotomy—seeming both humorously goofy yet somehow tragic—but always deserving of closer inspection.

Deeb’s characters are produced with a heavy application of oil paint that glistens on the surface of each work of art. The multiple layers of paint construct a façade—a physical and metaphorical mask with which the bizarre creatures are created. At times, a clearly defined mask can be found concealing the creature’s identity. The paint flickers with reflecting light—jumping across the surface of each image and creating visual movement—offering the viewer a quick distraction from the subject that is…yet another form of mask.

Perception is everything. We constantly try to create personas that veil our self-perceived imperfections. We wear metaphorical masks to deflect any outside curiosity of our self-defined flaws—deterring the world from coming too near. Deeb’s paintings remind us to be true to ourselves. Embracing reality is a required experience and the only way to truly survive. The mask can only camouflage the face of the creature…a face that—if exposed—would reveal that there is nothing to fear.

Chuck Gniech, Curator