The Kant Cut-Up

I first became familiar with the cut-up method through the work of William S. Burroughs. I don't remember why I chose this particular text or even why I tried it. I followed Burrough’s rules as closely as possible, although I did add punctuation in a few places to make it more readable. Finally, I formatted it as a poem instead of as piece of prose. It seemed to make its own kind of sense that way.

For more information on the cut-up method, click here.

Section One
Of the Distinct Objects  

The various feelings of sensitivity pride themselves.

Rest not so much upon having books read aloud

to arouse them to fall asleep.

To be moved by these are trifling

except those the joy calculates his profits, 

or the amorous passion so far 

as he counts it among body.

The lively hunt, whether he hunt something

that to another beasts.

Observation of them 

capable of enjoying extends very wide, 

and fashion, without presuming discoveries

that are just to conceive.

For the present kind of feeling,

few places that seem shall here even upon 

another feeling of a philosopher.


Because one can enjoy.

Because a person finds exhaustion,

or because it gratifies an inclination,

the soul, so to speak, enjoying great impulses;

or because it talents to do so.

It is this whose favorite authors are one aspect.

Fine taste are in their cellars,

inclination that is fixed on a course jest,

the thrill that it is noble.

If it is for a princedom

then it has something to belong

in the remotest antiquity.

Only the sensuous feeling of the coming eternity 

are capable.


The past, transfixed wonder,

now wish to consider the sublime.

Each is pleasant persons

of enjoyment or of displeasure.

An indolent man who loves the external things

because it is so pleasant.

Each person's own disposition

chant to whom all pleasure or pain.

This accounts for clever man.

Things that cause aversion

loves the opposite sex only.

So often a puzzle to enjoy, 

the lover of one person flies quite indifferent.

The field a feeling of human nature

pleasures after their own,

conceals a rich source to envy others

or even being of other pleasures.

But to cast my gaze upon only a place

without any in this area, pay no attention.

There is with the eye of an observer delicate sort.


Longer without satiation,

happy only so far as he presupposes 

a sensitivity of feeling 

that makes the soul fitted without needing,

indicates talent and no trifle.

Stout persons, feeling of which cooks 

and whose works more over exclude from it,

thrive on vulgar high intellectual insight

(as lively a delight as possible). 

Who, sold one into an incalculable future, 

latter sensation is quite fearsome in it.

A building of sketch,

description of more ordinary mild horror.


Finer feeling, chiefly of two kinds

of the beautiful,

the stirring different ways.

The sight completely pervading a covered peak

rises above the terrifying sublime,

raging storm, or the splendid.

Arouse enjoyment that stirs terror,

the sight of solitudes

like the colossal winding brooks

always given us Elysium,

spirits, goblins, and ghouls.

Girdle of Venus, also be great;

the beautiful one that is joyous and simple;

the beautiful impression could occur.

A great height is just a feeling

of lonely shadows in low hedges and trees.


Night is sublime,

day possess a feeling of shuddering,

the former the quiet stillness of the latter.

Feeling can be the light of the stars,

breaks former the noble.

The night and the lonely reports

moves feelings of friendship.

Imagine from all the shining day

stimulates noble St. Peter’s in gaiety.

The sublime moves on its frame,

which is large a man who is distributed,

for example, gold.

Sublime is earnest,

the feeling of the sublime,

the other hand,

the lively greatest effect;

hence claims itself.

An arsenal must be noble

and through smiling features 

and a pleasure palace mirth.

The sublime is in feeling,

is sometimes me

If it is of time past, then melancholy;

in some cases with a beauty of a mountain plan.

The first clouds, the description of the second,

the noble portrayal of the infernal loneliness

is sublime, but with horror.

On the other great far-reaching meadows,

valleys with grazing flocks,

peopling them with fearsome Homer’s portrayal.


The sublime a pleasant sensation

but also small.

In order that the former can be adorned

in due strength, as a great depth,

in order to enjoy the beautiful.

Tall oaks with the grove are sublime;

flower beds, with one of wonder,

in figures are beautiful.

Terrifying sublime temperaments 

of an Egyptian pyramid

are drawn gradually

by one far more than one evening

as the shimmering.

But its design is the brown shadows of Rome,

rises into view, into high and simple,

beauty is for the world, of eternity.

Mosaic work, busy terror, and a feeling

still strikes through with the beautiful charms.

The object is called splendid,

the full feeling of the simple,

a residence castle rigid and astonished,

beautiful and ornamental.

A long duration is cheerfulness in the eyes,

often audible different kinds

with a certain dread,

or with quiet wonder.